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English Conversation Classes

Bethesda is also offering conversation classes in English to the public in the municipality of Pokhara.
In Nepal, as in all parts of the world, there is a demand for assistance to attain a good grasp of the English language. Be it for studies in the country (often in English medium) or for people aspiring to study or work overseas, the demand for learning English is growing by the hour. Many have learnt English in school but the opportunities to practice spoken English are often limited, which is why Bethesda is the right place to meet such need.
Bethesda is from the month of September 2013 offering English conversation classes to the public in the municipality of Pokhara. Courses will be designed for various professionals, business men, students, and house wives etc., who have a desire to improve their spoken English. The conversation classes will be carried out in small groups of 5-6 people to facilitate effective learning. Special emphasis will be given to grammar and pronunciation. Topics for discussion will be chosen according to the special interest and needs of the participants in each group.
The Bethesda group leaders, of which several are native English speakers, others experienced English teachers, will be equipped and certified for the task through TESOL training or equivalent.

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Nepali Language Classes

Many foreigners come every year to work in Nepal with various INGOs on a short term or long term basis. They have a need to learn to communicate in the Nepalese Language.
Bethesda is offering language classes in Nepalese for foreigners resident in or visiting Nepal. Experienced Nepali language teachers will assist you in both learning to converse as well as the basics of the Devanagari script to equip you with a working knowledge in the Nepalese language. Advanced courses on special topics can also be arranged.
Admission can take place any time throughout the year. For more information, please, contact Bethesda through


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Leadership Training

This is an activity that will be conducted at various levels. In Urban areas we will offer courses in higher level management and entrepreneurship. This aspect is still under development.
In rural areas we are offering basic courses in counselling to leaders of civil society, such as counselling with individuals in crisis, general crisis management, conflict resolution, personal growth etc. For this training Bethesda is using the training material developed in Palpa in 1998, Ekarkalai Sahayta Garaon. This means “Let us help each other” and conveys that all can learn the basics of counselling, to give emotional and mental “first aid” at the time of crisis, and to know when professionals need to be consulted. The material, which was developed in the Nepalese context, is under revision and will be republished in the second half of 2019.
For more information about the Leadership Development training, please contact Bethesda

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Japanese Language

Admission Open.

Front desk management training

Front desk management training for front office executive, sales executive, receptionist, admin assistant, customer service executives. 

Depression and Suicide prevention training

specially targeting Youths of different parts of Nepal through online and onsite training  

Personality development training (Child psychology)

This training is based on Eric Ericson theory. This training is specially design for Parents and teachers group.  

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